Bhakti Yoga: The Path of Devotion

  Bhakti is a Sanskrit word, that is the word Bhaj as the origin word, where Bhaj means "to adore or worship God." Bhakti Yoga is not just about practicing asana, but an exclusive lifestyle of its own. The path of Bhakti yoga leads to devotion and self-realization through different activities like worshipping, meditation, asana, [...]

Effective Yoga Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a tingling sensation in your lower back? Has unbearable back pain kept you off work? Has the constant strain in your muscles started affecting your daily life? This is the consternation for many people worldwide. Back pain is just as widespread as the common cold! Surprising, isn’t […]

Introduction to Standing Forward Bend – Uttanasana

Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana is to be considered as an intense stretching pose for the hamstrings. Moreover, this yoga asana is incredibly soothing to the mind. Step by step Standing Forward Bend 1st stepStand with feet together then slightly bend your knees. 2nd stepFold your torso over your legs moving from your hips. 3rd […]

Seated Forward Bend – Paschimottanasana | Benefits, variations & Beginners Guide

Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana stretches the spine, shoulders and hamstrings. People with tight hip flexors will surely benefit from this pose. Nevertheless, be careful not to hyperextend your knees. Step by step Seated Forward Bend 1st stepSit on the mat and straighten your legs in front of you. 2nd stepLift your torso upwards and […]

Skull Shining Breath – Kapalabhati Benefits | Beginners Tips & Variations

The Skull Shining Breath or Kapalabhati is a pranayama technique that can help release toxins. Find Kapalabhati Benefits, Beginners Tips and breath variations in the post. Particularly cleanses the air passageways in the body. In fact, this breathing technique is one of the internal purification methods in Hatha Yoga. Nevertheless, mind detox is also possible […]