Skull Shining Breath – Kapalabhati Benefits | Beginners Tips & Variations

The Skull Shining Breath or Kapalabhati is a pranayama technique that can help release toxins. Find Kapalabhati Benefits, Beginners Tips and breath variations in the post. Particularly cleanses the air passageways in the body. In fact, this breathing technique is one of the internal purification methods in Hatha Yoga. Nevertheless, mind detox is also possible with the regular practice of this pranayama.


Step by step Skull Shining Breath

1st step
Sit with an upright spine, keep on lengthening it and do a complete yoga breathing.

2nd step
Contract your abdomen on outward breath and squeeze the air out of your abdomen.

3rd step
Gently release the squeezing of air in your abdomen and then let your breath flow naturally.

4th step
As much as you can, let your inhalation be 4 times longer than exhalation.

5th step
You can increase your contractions to 30 times per minute over time.

6th step
Make a complete exhalation then make your inhalation naturally.

7th step
Retain your inhalation for about 30 seconds then exhale.

8th step
Do 6 complete yoga breaths and repeat the sequence 3 times.

Skull Shining Breath Beginners Tips

Always keep in mind that this pranayama is all about a quick, strong exhalation with natural inhalation. Make an effort to have strong abdominal contractions for every exhalation and have natural, soft inhalation. Stop practicing this if you feel dizzy or whenever you experience pain.

Skull Shining Breath Benefits

This yogic breathing technique can help purify your lungs, increase the oxygen supply in your body and improve digestion. Moreover, this is also uplifting to your mood and spirit. It is a wonderful way to strengthen your abdominal muscles. The practice of this pranayama has age-defying effects as it oxygenates the blood and renews body tissues.

Skull Shining Breath Variations

In order to rest and relax your nervous system, simply pause between rounds and breathe normally. You can do ujjayi breathing and it may take from 30 to 60 seconds until you feel easy and ready to continue.
You can refresh your body and mind with Skull Shining Breath or Kapalabhati. However, there are cautions for those who are pregnant those with lung diseases, hernia, menstruation, heart diseases and high blood pressure.