Yoga Vini

Yoga and Ayurveda School in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Vini is a certified yoga and Ayurveda school in Rishikesh, India, offering RYT 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

We’re aiming to encourage more and more people to seek peace and happiness within themselves rather than in the external world, and providing the ancient tools of yoga and Ayurveda as was discovered by Indian sages more than 5000 years ago.

Since 2012, through our 200 hour yoga teacher training programs, workshops, and retreats in Rishikesh, India, and Japan, Yoga Vini attempts to provide an opportunity to feel and experience the effects yoga has on all aspects of life (physical, mental, spiritual). All these programs have already helped thousands of seekers from different parts of the world getting connected to life and finding a peaceful state of mind in a healthy body.

Yoga Vini is a young organization with fresh ideas and flexibility to change and grow. We are collaborating with professionals from many related fields in order to uncover the ancient science of yoga, which in turn is making our methods scientific, professional, and in line with these ancient practices.

Our insightful and unique program is based on our belief in the importance of the spine; how it connects our outer and innermost being, and making the ancient tools of asana, pranayama, and meditation more connected and easier to understand. This results in a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a free soul. After all, only the knowledge which makes sense to us will become part of our practice, and a thorough understanding of the role of the spine is very helpful in this process.

Yoga Vini - Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - Asana and alignment class

Our teachers


The journey inside yoga started for Vini many years ago. From a young age he practiced yoga regularly as a form of physical exercise without a deep spiritual intent. As an adult, after several years of working a very hectic schedule with a Japanese company, his yoga journey shifted. It’s in this moment that Vini discovered the yoga consciousness inside himself – truly feeling the relaxing power of his daily practice.  This led him to rethink his path in life. After the realization that he felt disconnected from his soul, Vini left his job, beginning a spiritual journey around India, his Motherland. He began to meet likeminded people, sharing thoughts about life and serving others all of which gave him new power for a new life.

In September 2012, with help from friends, Vini founded the Yoga Vini Welfare Society in Rishikesh.  He believes that he is fulfilling his dream: to make people happy, by teaching in a yogic way, in a relaxing place that is ideal for finding balance.  Vini is not a spiritual guru or a Yogi living in the jungle. He believes simply in serving society by spreading good thoughts, teaching people how to relax and to find space in their lives. He likes to say: “We are a part of the society. We live here. We serve here.  I am sharing a way of life that I have discovered and the one that I have understood.  If we start walking, people will join us, making the way easier, together.” Positive thoughts attract positive people. Positive people give positive energy. Positive energy makes you……happy.

After many years of practice and learning he developed his own spine concept on which his yoga teaching is based. Because of this simplicity and comprehensive knowledge, students are able to learn and grow in such a short time. He is collaborating with many professionals from the same field to go deeper into spine and making all the knowledge more approachable to everyone.


Tina has started her yoga journey with attending two Yoga Vini teacher trainings in Rishikesh. Experiencing all the mental and body changes after only 2 months of learning and practicing, she knew she found her new path. Before she was working in fitness industry for 10 years, teaching pilates and other group exercise classes all around the world (Slovenia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan …) But only now she understood the depth and base of healthy and fit body, (mind and soul). She was finally able to comprehend all the knowledge together and decided to continue her journey with Yoga Vini. She loves sharing her experience and knowledge with others, being able to see how people can grow and make positive changes in their life. Yoga Vini concept about spine as a base for life is really close to her experience and understanding, so it was natural to connect with it and continue this path. She is really excited about her future in Yoga Vini and all the collaborations with other professionals from same field, as she feels she will be able to learn more about Ayurveda way of living and go deeper into spine as a base for life, fully experience yogic lifestyle and hopefully inspires others to find themselves as well.

Dr. Binu Paul

Hospital Superintendent and Consultant Physician at Tharavad Ayurveda retreat Kerala.

Dr. Binu Paul completed his BAMS Degree from Parassinikadav ayurveda medical college Kerala, in the year 2008, and Yoga teachers training course with Sivanandha training institute. He does intensive researches in various fields of Ayurveda, especially in Parkinson’s and ayurvedic panchakarma. He has got training in ayurvedic methods of knee problem management.

Dr. Priyanka Jose BAMS, CCAP (Kottakkal)

Consultant Physician at Tharavad Ayurveda retreat Kerala

Dr. Priyanka Jose completed her BAMS Degree from Alvas Ayurveda Medical College Moodbidri Karnataka with high academic credentials in the year 2010 and certificate course in ayurvedic Psychiatry from kottakkal ayurveda college. She completed her MSc in yoga and panchakarma from Annamalai University. Dr. Priyanka trained at some of the best ayurveda institutions of Kerala. She has been doing researches in Parkinsons disease management and life style disease management.

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200 hour yoga Teacher Training3 – 30 September 2020English / JapaneseTapovan
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What other people say about us

I have studied with Yoga Vini twice now and both times I have left so full of knowledge and inspiration for my own self path and the motivation to share with others. It’s the most authentic course I have found in Rishikesh and the ashram is the perfect setting for a month of studying and going within. From philosophy, Ayurveda and anatomy, absolutely everything is covered and I would recommend this course to anyone! Vini truly embodies his own teachings and shares from his heart. Tinas classes are amazing, she teaches with so much passion and knowledge! If you’re looking for a beautiful, real month of studying and living all of the concepts of yoga and ayurveda, go here!

Nicola Paxton

April 2019 — Facebook

This experience is so much more than what you can imagine it to be. I really enjoyed living in the ashram, I think it adds a lot more depth and perspective to doing the teacher training than if you were doing it at a regular school. I learnt so much about health, wellness, pranayama and asana that I didn’t know before the teacher training. Vini is really knowledgeable and his Asana classes are amazing. He really focuses on each individual movement so that you walk away doing everything properly and have a better understanding of why you do it that way. Tina and the rest of the staff were really supportive and made our time there more enjoyable. I look forward to coming back one day to potentially assist on a training.

Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

This experience is so much more than what you can imagine it to be. I really enjoyed living in the ashram, I think it adds a lot more depth and perspective to doing the teacher training than if you were doing it at a regular school. I learnt so much about health, wellness, pranayama and asana that I didn’t know before the teacher training. Vini is really knowledgeable and his Asana classes are amazing. He really focuses on each individual movement so that you walk away doing everything properly and have a better understanding of why you do it that way. Tina and the rest of the staff were really supportive and made our time there more enjoyable. I look forward to coming back one day to potentially assist on a training.

A fantastic yoga teacher training and life experience!

After a recommendation from a friend, I signed up my yoga teacher training at Yoga Vini. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Before arriving, communication was excellent. Since this was my first yoga teacher training, and first visit to India, I had many questions which were all answered in detail. 
After a 45 minute tuk tuk ride from Rishikesh I arrived at the ashram. It is in the most beautiful and peaceful location. If you are looking for luxury, this is not for you, but if you are happy to be surrounded by beautiful people in a beautiful environment then you will absolutely love it. 
Vini, the teacher, is amazing. So knowledgeable, interesting, and caring. Tina and the rest of the team work so hard to provide everyone with the best experience possible. 
The course is very structured, which everyone respected. The food is delicious, prepared by a lovely team in the kitchen. Only having two meals a day was hard to get used to, so I would recommend packing plenty of snacks! 
During the course, everyone improved their ability and knowledge of yoga, philosophy and anatomy. Vini explained everything so clearly, which enhanced the learning experience. He delivered the course in both English and Japanese, which provided for the needs of all students. 
I couldn’t have been happier with my yoga teacher training experience at Yoga Vini. I met the loveliest people, and learned a great deal about both yoga and life. I am now back home, enjoying practicing daily. I look forward to sharing my yoga knowledge with others in the near future. 
Thanks to Vini and the team for an incredible journey! Love to all


November 2018 — TripAdvisor

A brilliant yoga teacher training

Yoga Vini teacher training is an incredible experience. Me and my sister were looking for months in many different countries for the right yoga TT course to go to. As you know it can be a daunting task with all that’s out there and you really want to pick the right course for you. luckily for us a friend had just completed this course in India and recommended it to us. It was held in an ashram 45 mins outside of Rishekesh in the beautiful countryside. The ashram is basic in terms of accommodation, we shared a room and it was fine but you need to accept that India’s cleanliness standard is just different then ours (we’re from Ireland). The dome you practice in is a beautiful building nestled amongst trees and you would sometimes see a chilled monkey saunter by. It was awesome. The food was an Ayurvedic diet, very simple but nutritious and perfectly constructed to give you sustenance but not over do it when your practicing asana for hours each day. You also don’t have to worry about getting any funny stomachs as it’s all very hygienic and carefully made. 
Now to the most important part, the teaching. Vini was our teacher and he was great. So knowledgeable and incredibly passionate. His area of expertise is the spine in yoga and you focus a lot on how to analyze your students and correct their spinal movement which in turn affects all their asana poses. Vini is fluent in Japanese and lives there half the year, he has a huge following there and 70% of our course was made up of Japanese students. They were a lovely group of people and we loved learning more about Japan and it’s culture. Vini runs the course in English and Japanese. We actually found this good as we would get information in English and then he would switch to Japanese which gave us a moment to process the information just received. Tina his teaching assistant was amazing. She has such good energy and a background in Pilates and fitness which complements Vini’s teaching and she is so full of knowledge. Always there with a smile and a laugh. Altogether we had an amazing experience. We learned a lot liked being completely immersed in the yoga lifestyle. You also bond really strongly with the other students due to the location being away from everything. The only point we would make is that our class was very big. 30 students altogether and Vini taught everything, philosophy anatomy, asanas and held satsang in the evenings. Of course with Tina assisting. There can be times when you feel it would be enhanced with another teacher or maybe with less people in the class. However altogether it was an incredible experience and we are so grateful to Vini, Tina and all the staff for their passion for sharing their knowledge. It is an authentic Hatha yoga teaching course, teaching yoga as an holistic experience not just a physical one. We can see our personal and professional development after it, really what more could you ask for.


October 2018 — TripAdvisor

200 hour YTTC

Finding a course that suits what you are looking for in Rishikesh is quite a challenge, but I feel like the month that I spend at Yoga Vini was exactly what I had hoped for and more. 
I was expecting a training that focused on yoga postures with yoga philosophy and spirituality included too. Instead, the training focused on how to lead a balanced, calm and mindful life. I learnt that the yoga postures, as well as all other facets of yoga, are there to support this way of life. That being said, the asanas that we did every day were perfectly challenging and I felt that Vini’s experience in teaching the course meant that we all saw huge physical progress in the month. 
Vini is a fantastic yoga teacher with a special interest and sound knowledge of the spine and the anatomy of the spine. I am a physiotherapist and found the way that he taught anatomy unique and interesting. 
Finally, the Ashram itself is incredible. It is away from the craziness of Rishikesh with lush, green grounds. The lectures and asanas take place in a dome surrounded by trees, greenery and birds. I really appreciated the Sattvic lifestyle that we followed and have never felt better than when I finished the course. 
Every course will have it’s pros and cons but I felt that the cons of this course were an opportunity to learn even more. 
The only thing that I would possibly change is to have an entirely English course because I would have loved even more content (the course is taught in English and Japanese). But I met wonderful Japanese people and had the chance to experience Japanese culture as well as Indian, which i would not have had if the course had been only English.
Overall, I was extremely happy and very grateful for the entire experience and all that it taught me. I will definitely be back to do the 200 hour course again! 
Thanks Vini, Tina, Hiroko and the whole team. I’m missing you guys already 🙂


October 2018 — TripAdvisor

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