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Dedicated Yoga Teacher.

A well renowned registered School of Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, provide residential yoga courses in Rishikesh, India. Under the kind guidance of expert teachers and peaceful faculties, YogaVini provides an ample amount of Yogic knowledge to its disciples. Yoga teachers of the new generation are provided yoga teacher training to become qualified Yoga Teachers as per the guidelines set by the regulated Yoga Alliance Association.

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“The Gem of Rishikesh's Many Yoga Studios!”

Fear not: though Rishikesh has a multitude of yoga options (some just middling), Yoga Vini is a great find. Three classes per day: 7:30am Hatha, 10am beginners, 5:30pm Hatha. The teacher, Mitra, is a real gentleman, and the small class size means that he can give you a ton of individualized attention. He puts a real emphasis on making sure..

Scott H- New Haven, Connecticut on TripAdvisor Review

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Deep Knowledge of Yoga

On our Yoga Teachers Training Course, you will get to experience a true insight of traditional yoga and it’s culture. Alongside the learning of the Philosophy of Yoga, you will be guided with ease, through the experience of a true Yogic lifestyle for the entire month. A complete unique concept of Yoga is provided to our disciples where you will be made to feel,
by taking your senses to a condition of awareness, you are
immersing yourself completely into the art of Yoga.

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Are you really exited about residential yoga teacher training course in India ? Begin your true Ashram life at Yoga Alliance certified yoga school in Rishikesh - India, a birth place of Yoga.
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