We at, provides the resources from where you can get the information of courses provided by us. Our website aware you about the courses that come under the yoga program. You can access our website from anywhere anytime. We provide Yoga Teacher Training Course at the Ashram, drop-in classes at our studio and other courses like Yoga Retreat and Yoga Vacation .

What details are collected by us?

Whenever the user visits our website, we would ask for the user’s email id, mobile number, country name and contact details. You can also check some of the pages of our website without registering yourself. But, most of the useful contents are inaccessible without registering. The cookies are also used by our website to improve the visitor’s experience at the higher level.

What is the purpose to collect user’s information?

•To aware the visitors with our daily activities.
• To contact with visitors for any new courses availability.
• To subscribe our newly added courses.
• Give feedback on our website.
• To provide the information about Yoga Teacher Training.
• To use the live chats.
• To enhance our website policies.
• To improve user service.

How do we protect the user information?

It is our responsibility to keep the information of the visitor safe and secure. The number of tools and techniques are used by our experts to secure the data submitted by the user. Your information will never be exchanged or sold to third parties. Whenever you access our website and enter the details, at the same time your entered details are encrypted by the security tools. We use such kind of tools which secures your confidential information.

Why do we use cookies?

The cookies are those files which are sent by the service provider to the customer system in the form of small files. This will enable the service providers system to access the customer’s system information to keep it safe for next login. It will make easier for the customer to access the same information in next login which is searched by the user earlier. We use the cookies with powerful security and privacy policies.

Is your information safe with us?

It is our responsibility to keep the visitor’s submitted information safe. We are never going to sell the customers personal information to any third party. Sometimes it will happen to transfer the user’s details to the other party but, in that case, the procedure will be followed by the user’s permission and with some laws. We have some rules regarding privacy of the customer which are strictly followed by our team.

Payment Procedure

We take the course fee in advance for every course offered by us. The fee is non-refundable and can be carried further if you will not join the course at that time. You can use your deposited course fee to the next teacher training course. The course fee can be accepted through various available online payment modes. Users can pay the application fee through Credit card, Debit card, and internet banking.
Changes in our privacy policy.

In future, whenever we will change our privacy policy it will be intimated in our website. Our privacy policy may change in time to time. In our privacy policy, we will not change any privacy related to the user. If any major changes will be done in the privacy policy we will provide the notable notice on our website.


We, at, are not responsible for any kind of damage or loss of any disclosure of member’s account/information or other personal related details/data. We will do every effort to give you the maximum security. The content on this website may prior to change without any notice. After accepting the privacy policy means you agree with all conditions and in future, you cannot claim us for any loss.