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Yogavinirishikesh.com is specialized in providing information on Yoga courses and Yoga teacher training course (TTC). On our website, we provide the information related to the services/courses on the field of Yoga. It is established under the laws and situated in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand (India).


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We, at our web portal, provide the detailed information about the courses offered by us in yoga. We are here to enhance the visitor (s) or user (s) experience on our website to the next level. If visitors have faced any issue regarding our service on our web page, we are happy to solve it. We will always support your views and your suggestions for our website.

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By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to our privacy policies and rules & regulations. Access our website means that you are using our platform at your own risk. We have all power to change our terms and conditions at any time anywhere. In case our terms & condition changes or subject to change in any service, we will inform you through SMS or email.

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Anything which is posted by our team member on our website can be accessed from anywhere anytime. You can write us your review/remarks on our website regarding our services. If you have any question and complain you can share it on our web portal. After accepting the terms and conditions you are not allowed to violate any law, any rules & regulations, interrupt any computer interface connected to the website and sell our data to the third parties.

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We are not responsible for any incorrect, inconvenience, false, misleading information posted by the user(s) or by any third party. We always try to provide the best and to the point information to the users and try to make them satisfied. Our website is not liable for any refund, claim, cost or anything about the users directly or indirectly.

Refund Rules

There is no such kind of facility to refund or return the amount paid by the user. However, the money will transfer to the next TTC  programme. You cannot claim to refund your money back. It will be non-refundable in any circumstances.

User’s Role

The role of the user(s) is very important to enhance our website. You have to follow these rules which are listed below:

  • You cannot post any illegal content in our website.
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We make every effort to take care of the user’s security regarding their personal and contact details. While transactions, we took every care to avoid any leakage of the information such as user’s account number, credit/debit card number, etc. We use the latest security technologies over our website. However, we are not warranting the security of your details submitted by you. The information transmits by you will be at your own risk. Apart from this, we will make sure the protection of your account details will be safe.

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