Vini’s journey into Yoga started many years ago. As a young boy he practiced daily as part of his school routine merely as a form of exercise where there was no form of any spiritual intent.

As a young adult he began to work a very busy schedule for a large Japanese corporate company which resulted in an extremely hectic lifestyle.




Mittra’s classes are based on traditional Hatha Yoga focusing on alignment and hands on adjustments. Mittra takes great pride into trying to help each and every student with their individual needs. If he can’t help you in the class he welcomes anyone to approach him after the class for undivided attention.





Marie, originally from New Zealand, spent in excess of ten years working a stressful job in central London. As with many Yogi’s, she felt a pull to something deeper in her life, something more than working for weekly pay check and something more than partying on the weekends. After taking advantage of redundancy opportunities, she decided to embark on career of teaching Yoga.

Marie joined Yoga Vini in after completing Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh with Yoga Vini. Marie is based in Australia where in between visits to India, she teaches in outdoor locations along the beautiful coast of Queensland.

Marie’s classes follow the traditional Hatha Yoga format and conclude with a guided deep relaxation. She is well renowned for her deep relaxation techniques where students rarely fail to experience deep savasana following their practice.

Marie also have specialism in guiding Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a process of conscious deep relaxation which opens the deeper phases of the mind.



Vishnu Ji is a teacher, he originally comes from the Media background where he had worked for more than a decade at the same time during his mass media profession he has kept his roots strong in the field of philosophy and how to live the life in a better way and how one can improve his life and find peace in his life. He is an experienced person and has influenced guided and motivated thousands of people so that they can live their life peacefully and with a motive.

Vishnu Ji joined Shivananda Society, and he also visited many Ashrams in the search of truth and peace which according to him are the most essential for human being to live a good life. Viushu Ji will share his experiences and knowledge with the students in Yoga Vini ashram in their training program.