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Best Hatha Yoga drop-in classes in Rishikesh

If you look for a place to practice Hatha Yoga - this is the best. It’s very beautiful, stylish, clean yoga hall with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Himalayas- esp beautiful for the morning practice!

Mittra is a great yoga teacher with so much compassion and knowledge I learnt so much from him by just attending a few classes.
If I ever come back to Rishikesh - I will go only here. I’m kinda of regret that I done my 200 hrs TTC in another school (I didn’t know about Mittra thst time!) the teacher matters!

Highly recommend!

PS: and drop in classes are very affordable- in Jan 2018 we payed 200 Rs per 2 hour class (and the amount of knowledge you get during these 2 hrs are priceless!)

Thank you so much dear Mittra for your devotion and love you put in your teaching practice!



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