Deep knowledge and personal development

What a rollercoaster of knowledge, strength of body and mind, struggle and overcoming. I was relatively new too Yoga and did not know what to expect from a TTC. The idea of starting to teach my own classes was totally daunting but this course really equips you with such a solid foundation of knowledge and technique to build upon. Vini is a unique and soulful teacher, he completely lives his work and you can feel his heart in everything he teaches. His classes are vivid and so insightful. I felt a big change in my body but it was my mind that moved the most. I became so aware of how connected everything is and when my mind was not focused my body could not develop. Vini takes you back to your beginning and builds you back up from your roots. There are so many small simple things that are the heartbeat of this course. Tina’s classes were fantastic too, she is so present and moved by the work that you will push through barriers you never expected.

This is a real training. If you truly want to learn the philosophy, anatomy and physicality of yoga then this is the right course to do. Find what you love and follow it, this is Yoga.

October 2019 — TripAdvisor