200 hour YTTC

Finding a course that suits what you are looking for in Rishikesh is quite a challenge, but I feel like the month that I spend at Yoga Vini was exactly what I had hoped for and more. I was expecting a training that focused on yoga postures with yoga philosophy and spirituality included too. Instead, the training focused on how to lead a balanced, calm and mindful life. I learnt that the yoga postures, as well as all other facets of yoga, are there to support this way of life. That being said, the asanas that we did every day were perfectly challenging and I felt that Vini’s experience in teaching the course meant that we all saw huge physical progress in the month. Vini is a fantastic yoga teacher with a special interest and sound knowledge of the spine and the anatomy of the spine. I am a physiotherapist and found the way that he taught anatomy unique and interesting. Finally, the Ashram itself is incredible. It is away from the craziness of Rishikesh with lush, green grounds. The lectures and asanas take place in a dome surrounded by trees, greenery and birds. I really appreciated the Sattvic lifestyle that we followed and have never felt better than when I finished the course. Every course will have it’s pros and cons but I felt that the cons of this course were an opportunity to learn even more. The only thing that I would possibly change is to have an entirely English course because I would have loved even more content (the course is taught in English and Japanese). But I met wonderful Japanese people and had the chance to experience Japanese culture as well as Indian, which i would not have had if the course had been only English.Overall, I was extremely happy and very grateful for the entire experience and all that it taught me. I will definitely be back to do the 200 hour course again! Thanks Vini, Tina, Hiroko and the whole team. I’m missing you guys already 🙂

October 2018 — TripAdvisor