A brilliant yoga teacher training

Yoga Vini teacher training is an incredible experience. Me and my sister were looking for months in many different countries for the right yoga TT course to go to. As you know it can be a daunting task with all that’s out there and you really want to pick the right course for you. luckily for us a friend had just completed this course in India and recommended it to us. It was held in an ashram 45 mins outside of Rishekesh in the beautiful countryside. The ashram is basic in terms of accommodation, we shared a room and it was fine but you need to accept that India’s cleanliness standard is just different then ours (we’re from Ireland). The dome you practice in is a beautiful building nestled amongst trees and you would sometimes see a chilled monkey saunter by. It was awesome. The food was an Ayurvedic diet, very simple but nutritious and perfectly constructed to give you sustenance but not over do it when your practicing asana for hours each day. You also don’t have to worry about getting any funny stomachs as it’s all very hygienic and carefully made. Now to the most important part, the teaching. Vini was our teacher and he was great. So knowledgeable and incredibly passionate. His area of expertise is the spine in yoga and you focus a lot on how to analyze your students and correct their spinal movement which in turn affects all their asana poses. Vini is fluent in Japanese and lives there half the year, he has a huge following there and 70% of our course was made up of Japanese students. They were a lovely group of people and we loved learning more about Japan and it’s culture. Vini runs the course in English and Japanese. We actually found this good as we would get information in English and then he would switch to Japanese which gave us a moment to process the information just received. Tina his teaching assistant was amazing. She has such good energy and a background in Pilates and fitness which complements Vini’s teaching and she is so full of knowledge. Always there with a smile and a laugh. Altogether we had an amazing experience. We learned a lot liked being completely immersed in the yoga lifestyle. You also bond really strongly with the other students due to the location being away from everything. The only point we would make is that our class was very big. 30 students altogether and Vini taught everything, philosophy anatomy, asanas and held satsang in the evenings. Of course with Tina assisting. There can be times when you feel it would be enhanced with another teacher or maybe with less people in the class. However altogether it was an incredible experience and we are so grateful to Vini, Tina and all the staff for their passion for sharing their knowledge. It is an authentic Hatha yoga teaching course, teaching yoga as an holistic experience not just a physical one. We can see our personal and professional development after it, really what more could you ask for.

October 2018 — TripAdvisor