Keep flowing even its good or bad. Stilness is ultimate result of flow, path of yoga is to keep flowing.

– Yogi Vini

“About Yogi Vini”
Vini’s journey into Yoga started many years ago. As a young boy he practiced daily as part of his school routine merely as a form of exercise where there was no form of any spiritual intent.

As a young adult he began to work a very busy schedule for a large Japanese corporate company which resulted in an extremely hectic lifestyle. It was at this point where he started to discover the true form of Yoga. His daily practice enabled him to find not only the relaxing power of his action but also developed the true consciousness inside of him.

This consciousness inside of him rapidly developed into challenging questions about his life, about the way of living and about himself. He felt that his true self and soul were hidden somewhere. This curiosity encouraged him to leave his busy job, hectic lifestyle and return to India, his motherland. He began a spiritual journey around India meeting with sincere people, sharing thoughts about life and serving the community. This newfound energy gave him the power to begin a new chapter in his life.

He traveled to Rishikesh, Northern India, where he sought out potential locations for a Yoga Shala. The perfect location was sought at the foot hills of the Ganges in Laxmanjhula, the tranquil setting was perfect for finding inner balance and silence. After much hard work and help from friends and family he succeeded in his dream and opened his own Yoga Shala, known today as Yoga Vini Welfare Society. Situated below the famous Trivambkhula Temple Yoga Vini is the perfect host for those wanting to deepen their practice through higher spiritual awareness.


  • We want to spread good thoughts, teach people how to relax properly and to find the space in their lives.
  • Vini is not a spiritual guru or a Yogi living in the jungle. He is a guy who believes in serving society while living among people.
  • “We are part of the society. We live here. We serve here.
    I am sharing a way of life that I have discovered and the one that I have understood.
    If we start walking, people will join us, making the way easier, together.’’
  • Positive thoughts attract positive people.
  • Positive people give positive energy.
  • Positive energy makes you……..happy.

Yogi Vini’s inspirational yoga quotes

Keep Flowing, even it's good or bad. Stillness is ultimate result of flow, path of yoga is to keep flowing.

Yogi Vini
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